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“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

Eleanor Roosevelt

Wistèria Restaurant was born from the dream that Andrea and Max have cultivated since childhood. Passion and love for cooking are the foundations of Wistèria’s offer, together with the spirit of research and innovation.

Wistèria Restaurant offers a taste experience that is mainly based on products sourced from the Adriatic Sea and the Veneto region, from the Venetian water and lands, the result of Venice Lagoon’s exceptional ecosystem. Here the contamination between fresh and salt water gives life to unique ingredients, which Wistèria Restaurant selects directly from producers who respect environmental sustainability.

The meats are also selected from producers of excellence, with a total supply chain, who take care of all stages of the farming process, from the cultivation of the fields to the care and slaughter of the animals.

In the Wistèria proposal there are also ingredients from faraway countries, in a harmonious contrast with the Venetian personality. It could not be otherwise in the kitchen of a restaurant in Venice, the city in the Western world that first explored by land and sea the East and its spices, worlds and flavors unknown at that time, and from which drew inspiration.

The exploration continues today and accompanies the need for research as it evolves, to create new taste experiences with unexpected flavors. Serendipity, Wistèria’s menu, is its expression, conceived as a journey through harmonious taste sensations, where being disoriented becomes the value of the experience.

The wine list in Wistèria is an integral part of the gustatory research and focuses on the ability of wines to accompany the menu with combinations that can enhance the characteristics and value of the dish and of the wine itself. Alongside labels and wines of recognized prestige, the Wistèria selection represents producers of excellence, both Italian and international, including niche producers, who put environmental sustainability at the forefront of their production process.

The team

A team that works together, in harmony, like an ecosystem, where everyone is part of a whole that is sustainable, both in the tasks and in the working hours, as well as in respecting and listening to new ideas and critical issues to be solved,in order to always improve: the people who work in Wistèria are the added value that allows us to offer the best experience of taste and hospitality every day.

In the kitchen

Valerio Dallamano

Chef of Wistèria since January 2022, he discovered the kitchen while studying chemistry at university and embarked on a path of studies and collaborations that brought him alongside the starred chefs Vittorio Fusari, Massimiliano Alajmo, Emanuele Scarello. Not only Italian experiences for Valerio but also international ones, in high-level catering between London, the East and the Maldives.

Concentration, precision and innovative spirit are the qualities that distinguish him. His skillful creativity in combining local flavors with ingredients and processes derived from the East and the Americas, aims to offer new taste and visual sensations.

In the Dining Room

Maîtres Daniele De Marinis and Alessio Vettore, welcome guests in the dining room, while sommeliers Tommaso Martin and Matteo Cesaretti are responsible for the wine selection. All young and already with a lot of experience in high-level catering, the maîtres accompany guests on the culinary journey with a discreet presence and suggestions, to enhance the taste experience.

In the shade of a wistèria

Wistèria restaurant was born in the shade of the wisteria bower, which in the summer becomes the
outdoor area where you can enjoy food and tranquility in an unexpected Venetian garden.

In the heart of Venice

A secret place, a stone’s throw from the most famous art sites, Wistèria Restaurant is a one minute walk from the Basilica dei Frari and the Scuola Grande di San Rocco, a 5-minute walk from piazzale Roma and the “San Tomà” on the Grand Canal. There is a water taxi dock in front of Wistèria.

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